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You know me - all about the average life. I'm also really all about tucking t-shirts into jeans, so combine the two and it turns out you get a pretty cool tee. Think Stranger Things, 80's arcades and summer camp vibes tucked into mom jeans to basically complete my ultimate outfit.

'Average' loud and proud across the chest, a mini 'Lucy Wood' across the sleeve cos hey, dats me, and a cute red trim for the retro vibe that I lurve. By the way, I slightly changed the colour of the design in the re-print, and the writing is now actually a darker, more maroonish red than it appears in these photos.*

SIZING (get your measuring tape out, folks - I wear an M for a sorta-fits-sorta-baggy look, or an L for a more oversized vibe)

Size Chest (to fit, 100% cotton Belcoro® yarn):
S - 35/37" (10-12ish)
M - 38/40" (14ish)
L - 41/43" (16ish)
XL - 46/48" (18ish)
2L - 50/52" (20ish)

**It's literally just Adam and I packaging up these t-shirts and sending them out across the world, so I'm gonna try and keep things as simple as poss. Of course, if there's any problems or issues like lost packages/faults, I will try my very best to sort it out. Just email me at to get this show on the road. Please do not buy one if you're expecting ASOS-levels of efficiency. TAHHH xx


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